Off to Cloth Paper Scissors

Since we'll be going to the International Quilt Show in April, Heather and I decided to enter some ATC's into the Cloth Paper Scissors trade. They'll be displaying all of the cards they recieve at the show and trading will occur at different times of day. After agonizing for weeks, I decided to go with a single theme.


  1. oooh i think my fav is the robin's egg, the feather, and the three buttons ATC. the way you handled the eggs is really nice. robins eggs are my favorite sort of egg. they are such a beautiful color--i just can't seem to capture a hint of them in my work, though i have always marveled over them. this is a nice series... i would not call it a rut at all!

    where do you get your buttons?

  2. Buttons buttons. A little obsession. I would have to say between ebay and thrift stores I keep my larders full, but I'm partial to pearl buttons!

  3. I love these! I'm a birdwatcher, so that's maybe why! You've made such beautiful images here.

  4. Kelli,
    I just got back from the trading booth at the Quilt Festival and I chose your ATC with the three eggs - recognized it from your blog.
    So cool to see all the wonderful and varied ATCs on display and then to recognize one and get to take it home! Thanks and I hope the ones you get are as great as the three I have.

  5. They are wonderful!