All Lathered UP

You may or may not know that I was a soapmaker for a few years and I miss it! My Perkins Pure Soapcakes were the toast of the town (okay, so it's a small town, lol) but I had to give that up to pursue *art.* Although soapmaking is surely a delicious art as well. I used to have racks and racks of soaps curing in my living room....pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, citrus, melon, apple, oatmeal and more--all stamped with a tulip. I have not used commercial soap for the last ten years and I'm always on the lookout for a great handmade cold-processed soap source. One of my new favorites is Cosmic Clean Body by Celyn Collins. Her soap has a cute little rocket ship stamped on the front and comes in these lovely sheer bags. Here's the pretty package of goodies I got this week. I might be in the shower for awhile... (the shop is closed for Memorial weekend--be sure to check back after that for a wonderland of cleanly goodness)


  1. Oh there is nothing like the smell of good hand made soap! It's just so much more comforting than store soap. I would love to try soap making but will wait until my girls are old enough to truly understand the words "don't touch or even go near it!" Have a Blessed week.

  2. you know, that soap would look really good felted.