More Show Pictures

Final pictures of our booth and Heather with Chelsea and Cady, then me with our helper salesgirls. They have "mad marketing skills!"


  1. Really have been enjoying your blog Kelli ! I am so glad you told me about it !

    The booth looks fabulous ! and everything - all of your art is stunning.

    I loved the Cityscape Quilt !

    And your girls are wonderful !

    So glad I came here tonight
    so much to see !

    A new place to visit !

    Love, S

  2. Oh Kelli! it looked so good!!!! So vibrant and whimsical. What fun!!! I wish I lived in Holland, you and Heather look like you have so much fun together. ~Aimee

  3. Wow, I wish I lived near you! Your artwork is fabulous. I love your use of color. Such fun!