Hand Dyed Fabric

Finally--I was brave enough to dye some fabric! I wanted to try all the different kinds of dye I had been collecting, so I purchased 4 yards of plain white muslin and grabbed all the white or off white new or flea market laces and trims I had and made an evening of it. I put freezer paper on my kitchen counter made a mess, but the result is to die for. I have always had a love affair with hand dyed fabric and now I don't have to hoard those last scraps from friends (are you listening Theresa?). Each kind of dye had a slightly different effect, but I LOVE them all. I used Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye (from JoAnne's--in powdered form, just add water), then Setacolor Transparent Dye (paste in jars, dilute)--I was having so much fun with that one I almost couldn't stop. This dye can also be light-printed by placing objects on the cloth while it's wet. The next batch was done with Dye-Na-Flow (available at Michael's)--I was afraid this one wasn't going to turn out because the colors ran together more than the rest, but the result is stunning. It's more muted and very yummy. My last large piece was done the more formal way with Procion Dyes (very intense powder, dilute with warm water) and soaking the fabric in soda ash. I sprinkled salt on this one and it brought out some unintended color green which looks wonderful. I ended with some dyed silk ribbons and lace trims dyed with Sara's Bloom lace dye. While they were still wet I layed them out on the fabrics to add some additional markings. Couldn't forget some cheesecloth for good measure. Now the fun begins. I'm going to contruct some small purses/bags making matching fabric beads to hang off them and then there may be a fabric quilt in the works!

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  1. These are to die for! (Pardon the pun.) I haven't heard of the lace dye - love the bright colors. I have to buy some now! I have some OzDye for lace but it's all muted - Victorian type colors.