Make It U!

Join me in Chicago at the International Quilt Show where I'll be doing a "virtual studio" on paper beads at the Quilting Arts Make It U show floor on April 13. My paper quilts will be showcased in issue 12 of Cloth Paper Scissors, followed by an article on paper beads in issue 13. What a great way to start the year!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I didn't know I was purchasing from such a famous lady!!! LOL This is rainwindmoon! I just bought your fairy jar last night! Phew! Then I saw you had a blue eggs art piece on eBay and I do too! and now I want to send a postcard for you know what! I wish I had read all this last night before I put your check in the mail!! today! Oh well, I LOVE those paper beads!! and the quilts too! Congratulations! once again and have FUN at the Virtual Tour Chicago event!!! Sounds Exciting!!! xo,Cinda