Mini Flower Book

This little flower book was fun. I only had to make 25 of them! First I took a length of muslin and painted it with purple acrylic. I cut it into covers and stitched it with watercolor paper inbetween for strength. The pages were cut slightly smaller and have paper stitched inside, then they're stitched to the cover. The inside flowers are drawn with marker and painted with acrylics and Prismacolor pencils. I added some handcut stamps in the shape of a bee. The cover was stamped with acrylics in various colors. Finally, I created a needle felted flower from orange and purple wool roving and angelina fibers and attached it. The closure is velcro. There is a ring to make it a charm. "The earth laughs in flowers!"


  1. Anonymous8/14/2007

    I love you mommy

    <3 chelsea

  2. THese are just delicious!! I'd love one - wish I was in your swap!!

  3. I think the chunky recipe and the bee books are some of my favorite small crafty books I've ever seen!

  4. Wow these are just adorable , I've never seen one so tiny !! You did a wonderful job :)

  5. these are vibrant and fun mini books. i adore making tiny books with signatures. i think the felted flower is a particularly nice touch here.

    as always, it was a pleasure stopping by your blog.


    “LIFE is a mosaic of pleasure and pain - grief is an interval between two moments of joy. Peace is the interlude between two wars. You have no rose without a thorn; the diligent picker will avoid the pricks and gather the flower. There is no bee without the sting; cleverness consists in gathering the honey nevertheless.”
    - Sai Baba

  6. These are very lively little books...beautifully designed. Hope you don't mind that I linked your blog to mine...just love your work.

  7. Why can't I find your email address!?!?!?!?? Too lazy to go downstairs and look it up. Congrats on the cover, girl! It looks fantastic!

  8. what fun Kelli, your blog alway inspires me. the mini books are so so cute!!!!

  9. Anonymous10/15/2007

    AWESOME mini book-can I purchase one from you? I know they were for a swap, but didn't know if you were planning on making more by any chance :)
    LOVE your blog and visit often!!
    Tami (mroth@lcom.net)