Been Sketching Again

For the first time ever I tried Arches 100% cotton watercolor paper. OMG. Why did no one ever explain to me how wonderful this stuff is? I used one of those handy 40% off Michaels coupons so it felt more affordable. But wow--this is marvy. I don't think I can go back. I paired that with some new M. Graham watercolors and I was in heaven creating some thread sketched atc's. I have found that I may need to order some additional colors because my yellow is too opaque and combined with the blue I don't have the range of greens I need. There is so much to know!


  1. Fabulous!

  2. Love these! Here's something for you ... these paints are luscious ..
    especially the Byzantia and Alchemy lines. You can find these in the States too!

  3. I am *so* in love with these! Especially the blackbird -- he makes my heart sing! :)

  4. So cheerful.
    Yes... that is the bomb to work with!

  5. Kell: I have been doodlin on matte photo printer paper b/c I don't like the texture of the watercolor with my pen, but your sketches by force me to try again. As for the Arches paper - who squeeled and let Kelli in on our big secret?!

  6. I love Arches- I recently tried Fabriano Uno Hotpress- it is AMAZING....my new love...

    delightful work!


  7. These are beautiful your 'Thread Sketch Journey’ in CPS inspired me to have a go. I can vouch for the Stewart Gill paints too...fab indeed they are made local to me here in Fife Scotland. I enjoyed a class with Rebecca Gill at their Studio trying out their extensive selection of quality fabric paints and stamps....The Alchemy paints are my favorites. This 'Arches Cotton' does the fact that its cotton make it better for stitching on?

  8. Okay--stop telling me about other delish things to try. Do you people know how susceptible I am? Sheesh.

  9. Anonymous2/26/2009

    You are amazingly talented. All I can say is "wow"! I can only dream as I am a crafter, not an artist. If your art reflects you happiness, you must be in bliss. Keep living a happy life. Sherry