Travel Journal

I'm afraid I'm going to have to be a boring blogger for awhile. The studio is humming with activity, but it's mostly TOP SECRET book stuff, so I can't share it! Meanwhile, I'm taking a break and traveling out to some national parks.

Inspired by the article in the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (you guys haven't seen it yet) I took this great old book of bird identification and primed it for my journey. I glued pages together in fives then stitched around each set with my sewing machine. I was concerned about the binding, so I added a strip of muslin at each join and attached it with fabric glue. Then I coated the pages with clear gesso so they have some tooth. Here's the book ready to go. When I get back I'll hopefully have some pages finished with sketches and journaling and I'll share that. On my trip I'll be reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks in my spare time. Watch for photos of our Route 66 adventure, coming to a blog near you! K


  1. Anonymous6/20/2008

    Hi Kelli: what can I say, love your art, your blog, your sharing and your publication entries I've seen recently : ) waited and waited and now here is a new post yipppeeee - thank you for sharing your little travel book, I make little board books too and truly love working on them. the wait was worth it : ) Rte 66 is WONDERFUL - Enjoy !!!!!
    Love & Blessings, Sandra : )

  2. Just got my book today. Love your article on felted ATC's. They are
    gorgeous!! The travel journal you made it really neat.

  3. First of all, have a wonderful and safe journey. Second, we'll try not to whine and pine over your absence as long as you post some sort of update once in a while. Can't wait to hear your book news when you can divulge! Congrats, tho' I'm not a bit surprised:-]

  4. I'll bet you already know that you can now get BLACK gesso.

  5. Hi Kelli, I've only just come to your blog. I wanted to let you know that I've made one of your scrappy crows as shown in QA Issue 15. It was great fun to make, I'll definitiely be making more, and I'm giving it away on my blog. Hope that's ok - I've posted a link to your blog too.

    I hope your road trip is going well. I love how colourful your work is. :o)

  6. Kelli, Could you please clarify what you meant by " I was concerned about the binding, so I added a strip of muslin at each join and attached it with fabric glue." Sorry, but I couldn't see any muslin strips in your photo and I'd like to understand exactly how they were used. Great foundation travel journal!
    Lane in Charlotte, NC