Creative License Fugitives

Where to begin? Firstly, I am reading Danny Gregory's Creative License. This crazy man believes he can teach me to draw! Here you can see that I am still stuck in flat imageland, where I cannot draw a dimensional object. I am going to start doing exercises from his book to see if I can train my eye to SEE stuff! I love his book, it's sooooo inspirational. His blog is awesome too. Secondly, I ordered some new moleskine sketchbooks --they now have them with watercolor paper in them--heaven! Finally, I just discovered these colorful delights called Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors and ordered too many colors. The thing is that they were made just for me because they could not be more saturated. The information says that the colors are "fugitive" when exposed to sunlight, so they are reserved for my journals. I don't want to have to hire a bounty hunter to track them down later! I am in love with them...more photos of that delicious stuff later.


  1. I just wanted to let you know I found your blog after researching your crows from the article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and proceeded to spend a good bit of time here. Wow, you are so creative and talented! How do you ever get so many things done? Loved all of your artwork, in all of the areas of mixed media you explore. Very inspiring!

  2. I love all the bold, bright colors! I do find your work so inspiring...thanks for sharing !

  3. I was going to ask you what kind of paints you used. Thanks for telling us. The colors are incredible, and so are your paintings!