Self Portrait Day

A creative friend at work inspired me to have a self portrait day with my daughters and niece, after hearing about her mother-daughter project. We used "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts as our model, and spent the day building layers and creating our portraits. It was fun for everyone and so relaxing. Here are our finished works, done by three effervescent teens and myself (not so effervescent and only faintly remembering teenhood).


  1. Anonymous3/16/2009

    These are excellent --- GOOD JOB LADIES. However, you did not expound on the sushi. How about a Grandma Self Portrait Day? This looks like a lot of fun and self discovery. Do it again and invite the old woman !!!

  2. just wanted to peek in and say these are really really cool :)
    kelly rae

  3. YAY ^_^
    though I don't think mine even compares to anyone elses...

  4. That was one of the funest days that I had in a while, let's do it again sometime! LoVe ChEsSA AKA CHELSEA ELIZABETH