Sketch to GIMP

If you haven't heard me mention it before, I really love the FREE software called GIMP, which stands for GNU image manipulation program. It's a delightful FREE program with most of the bells and whistles you'll find in photoshop. There is so much to it that I only know how to use a handful of tools. I've been playing with scans of sketches and here's tonight's result. The black and white was the original paper drawing with a marker. I scanned it and saved it as a jpg, then did some fills and spraypaint with GIMP. Easy as pie! Mmmm....in the mood to draw some pie now.


  1. Kelli, I love this. I really like your original sketch, especially the reflection on your pencil lead. I will try this! Good luck on your pie!

  2. The software might be clever - but it takes your initial artwork to make the finished results so good! Have now watched the Stitch Imagery DVD that I won. It's brilliant - very clear and inspirational, thank you again

  3. Hello,
    I am Maria Clara from Spain.
    A month ago I have a fabulous book"Stitch Alchemy"
    It is a delight.
    I am a great fond Atc`s, and would be an honour do a swap with you....

  4. wow! I have gimp, but never use it! Going to have to start;)

  5. How can I get Gimp? Can I Google it and download?