eBook Cover-UP Uncovered!

Instead of purchasing the fancy schmancy expensive covers for Nook (although I am undeniably drawn to the hot pink/orange one), I made my own from stitchpaper scraps. I opted for the Industriell cover because it has little clips to hold the device in place, rather than elastic bands. So essentially you've got a hard book cover that you can REcover simply. I just made an uber simple folded cover that slips over the ends and topstitched it (same as the journal cover in Stitch Alchemy). I did line the inside so as not to scratch the Nook.


  1. Very cool---love the colors.
    I have wanted to try this technique...as soon as the *paying work* is off the table...sigh!
    I am a heart fiend, so naturally, this appealed!


  2. Anonymous3/07/2010

    I love this! I have planned on making a quilted one for my friend. Have to think about this... :)

  3. That's uber cool, Kelli! I do not have a Nook, but I have some blank journals here ... I think I'm going to give the journal cover a try. Love it!!!

  4. Fabulous idea dn love your colors and shapes!!! Love love love fabric/paper!!!!

  5. I love every part of this except...'jellied walnuts?'

  6. Yummmmmmmy colors ! Making picking up a good book even more fun !

  7. Okay, I'm jealous. But thank you for showing me what I can have if I save up!! This cover is beautiful.