Ride to California

"I´ve been up but I ain't down, I´ve been lost but now I'm found
I need a ticket for sure, If you got another seat on the plane would you let me go
I can't wait to get a ride to California, cuz it makes sense to go to California...
If you was me, see, you'd do the same thing YOU KNOW, So leave your bags at your mama's door..."

This song by Paper Tongues makes me cry because my first born is getting her ride to California this weekend. She'll be leaving her bags and serving in City Year Los Angeles, mentoring kids and creating community service projects. I'll be gone for a few days helping her get her apt. set up and hoping we can hit at least one cool LA tourist spot (Santa Monica Pier? Tar pits? Hollywood?). It's only 2,161 miles as the GPS flies. Piece of cake, right? But if you see a woman weeping on the return flight, look the other way. Someone got wings and flew the nest. I'm proud and terrified and ecstatic and sorrowful. Emotional Legion.

I've got a sweet artist interview scheduled for the blog while I'm gone, as well as a book review. I'll post Cali pix when I get back. "I've gotta find a place in line, I'm picking up an L.A. vibe..."


  1. Grandma Mava8/06/2010

    Chelsea, you are deeply loved and, unfortunately, you have a grandma who is worse than you mother ever will be, because I still have all this worry, worry, worry, left over from motherhood of 40 plus years ago. IT HAS nothing to do with you and your abilities to take care of yourself, as I raised 4 kids to be self sufficient and strong, and boy are they! If I am still around when you are 40 - just realize that I can never change and will always worry ABOUT YOU even when you are The First Lady. I love you and wish you luck in the Big City. Grandma Mava

  2. Kelli!! WHat a wonderful girl you ahve riased to be going off to LA for City YEar!!!! Tell her that she rocks!!!!
    This is not easy for us Mom's!! I am getting ready to pack my first born off to his first year of college. How in the heck did we get to an age that we have kids old enough to go offo on their own?????
    Be so proud, have fun, cry a bit, hug her alot, we are allowed!!!! Be thinking of you!!!

  3. Poor Kelli - you'll miss her I'm sure, but thank heavens for Skype and Phones and Texts and Emails.
    You'll have so much fun chatting when you DO get together x

  4. Good luck on the road trip. I came across the most fabulous store in Old Pasadena called Gold Bug, total steam punk goth cool art. It is an absolute must see if you have a chance.

  5. This post makes me want to cry. I don't know you or your daughter and have never had a kid leave the nest, but your writing makes me feel it. Awesome writing!