Javalicious Stitchpaper Coffee Cozies

The ever entertaining Graeme created some beautiful and functional designs out of stitchpaper and brought them to show at CREATE 2010. He's got a cool website for his Coffee Art Sleeves . You can see how gorgeous they are! Here's my own sleeve adorning my grande bold pick of the day with cream. It's in all the colors that I love and backed with soft black felt. See the purple rivets? Who doesn't love purple rivets? Graeme came to class with some neato stitched zipper pouches that he whipped up as well--they were a big hit with all the students in class! Finally, see Graeme try to stop me from taking photos, citing some sort of "patent infringement" issue. Someone's been watching too many legal dramas. How late is the patent office open?


  1. ah stitch paper. so many uses, so little time

  2. These are fabulous! I have some of the stitch paper that I haven't done anything with and now I have more ideas to work with. Great!