Studio Winter Cleaning and Magazines for Sale

I've been spending more time in the new studio, cleaning and organizing. I have a LOT of stuff that must go, including tubs and tubs of artwork that should find a home. I've put a number of magazine lots up on Ebay this week--all dupes and extras, including Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Stitch, Quilting Arts Gifts and more! If you're interested, here's the link! I'm slowly relisting things on Etsy as well, in preparation for new creative ventures. Small art quilts for sale!
Oh, and here's what I'm NOT selling. I photographed my zine collection in several lots and then realized that I cannot part with them. At all. Period. In fact, I am likely to buy more and support more local indie artists. So there stuff squad. My stuff. Hands off. I adore zines, have published a few and am working on some new ideas, including a fabric zine! 

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