Purging is Good for the Soul

It's almost Spring and we are continuing a long process of letting go. I've had to take a good hard look at all the art I'm hoarding and sort it out. There are over 200 art objects that must go. It is very hard for me to part with the things I make, but it is also a burden to maintain mounds and mounds of artwork. I can't stop creating. That is out of the question. As I make each new project, I am trying to keep an eye on where it will go in the end, and earmark most of it for sale or giveaway. As I work through this pile, I'll be sorting it and listing some things in my etsy shop. There are a few things there now and many more to come. Some things will actually be discarded, to be determined, and I'd like to give some things away on the blog. Even more objects may go to ebay for quick sale! So much stuff! Check back for notes about disposition of lonely items in need of a home. Right now there are a few more things in the shop, but many many more to come. kelli

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