Bead It Like You Mean It WINNER

Cindylee is our random winner of this spectacular dvd Bead It Like You Mean It. You all outdid yourselves this time. Let's recap: if it were possible, you would bead the following:

portrait of my Mum, my front door, material from Bali, fabric beads, Van Gogh painting, my entire desk, my credit card, a rose of Sharon quilt, computer keyboard and mouse, the CEMETERY (****bing...best idea award), everything!, my sewing machine, Starry Starry Night, a SUNSET (Awwwwwww), a Mary Cassatt painting, an adirondack chair, my GARDEN (ooooooooooh!), my sister's car, my studio door, my sports car, my mini Cooper, my kid's heads (??????) or maybe hats (perhaps a better choice), my art quilt, my car, a wearable pin, my iPhone, the tree branches in front of my house so that when people were getting out and about in the morning they would see beads dancing over the street!, telephone pole, my basement, a BOWLING BALL (tee hee), art journal, a graffiti wall, antique drawer fronts, lamp shades, my kitchen table (sweet limes check your comment for a possible Freudian slip...we are not dead bombing but maybe you are really sick of that table!), a PIZZA QUILT, prayer chair, beater van, recycled heart, a FRIEND'S BRA, seashell quilt, my letter box, pillows and pillows and pillows, another stuffed animal or six, a cup and saucer, a rock (love it!), my bicycle helmet, my long-arm quilting machine, state capitol dome, statue of liberty, Eiffel Tower, a large vase, my CAT (gasp!), a motorcycle helmet, laptop case, JIM MORRISON's GRAVE, a super hero cape for my cat (giggle), my little JOHN DEERE TRACTOR, a cover for my teapot and my jean's jacket.
Free stacked loop tutorial from Lyric Kinard
The only question remaining....what are you waiting for? Whilst you figure that out, pop on over to Lyric's blog for some FREE TUTORIALS to expand you beyond the boundaries of her dvd.

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