Art Camp for Women was a BLAST!

I had the pleasure of spending a glorious four days at Art Camp for Women this October. The lovely ladies had already been journaling and bonding before I arrived and the place looked like an art fairyland! The setting was beyond idyllic...we were nestled in a cozy lodge with a fireplace and TALL windows facing snow capped mountains. The drive up Snow Mountain was breathtaking as we topped at over 11,000 feet, with lodgepole pines all around us. Many of us saw or heard a variety of wildlife during our stay, including the ever present deer, elk, moose, some off-the-hook huge brilliant bluejays and even coyotes. There was an opportunity (TAKEN) to relax in warm, soothing sulphur springs under the stars, plus, a side-trip to a stunning pioneer homestead full of mystery. I wanted to gather up some aspens and bring them home in my suitcase. One of my favorite memories was waking in the early morning to the smell of fresh coffee, and heading downstairs to find the fireplace burning and several campers enjoying the sunrise and quiet conversation. Truly heaven.

The food was unspeakably delicious, with TWO culinary students at our disposal, whipping up glorious meals, appetizers and desserts fresh from scratch. If homemade raspberry marshmallows are not to your taste, surely the artichoke pizza or daily baked bread would have warmed the cockles of your heart. No fancy spa could have rustled up more elegant and cheering food, and our chefs were an absolute delight. No one was ever shoo'd out of the kitchen. Read more about Chef Ellen and Emily.

What was better; the ART or the COMPANIONSHIP of like-minded women? They went together like toast and jam. We had Kristina and Debbie (our New Orleans grand dames) to keep us laughing, Pat and Karen to keep us encouraged; Crystal to amaze us with her embroidery skills; Lou to amuse us with her rapier wit, Kathy to make us smile with her constant good humor, Lola to keep us singing (who knew there were so many songs with Lola's in them?) and help us slow down to appreciate the moment, Connie to regale us with her stories, Mindy to keep us guessing and Lori & Lorri to bring us all together into an art-making posse. I so enjoyed getting to know everyone without the interference of the daily grind. We had no agenda other than to eat, converse, breathe and make art at our own pace. You can see the ACFW photos here.

The art we made was colorful, wild, intimate, scary, freeing, warm and highly original! I'm so proud of what everyone accomplished! On top of that, I got to spend some time making cool tape and foam stamps--bonus! I'm sorry to inundate you with so many photos, but this is just a sampling of the goings-on we shared. Can you fit any more juiciness into one week? I think not!

If you are considering an art workshop in 2012, I urge you to put Art Camp for Women on your top pick list. You will NOT be disappointed. The only down side is having to leave on the last day :(   I tried to move in, but other guests were coming and so I had to return to Michigan. 

I hope you'll consider Art Camp. In the spring they will be hosting bookmaker Carol Sloan, who joins me on the Sketchbook Challenge. She will be teaching some awesome bookmaking techniques that should not be missed. Next year ACFW will be changing their format a bit and opportunities will abound for your creative enjoyment. Someone we know may be making a return for another round of crafty goodness (wink, wink, nod, nod), so be sure to check their website for updates! Cheerful good November to all!


  1. Oh, Kelli! Thanks so much for this post and all of the pictures! Art Camp for Women was great, and having you there to help us was just wonderful! It was an unforgettable experience, and I appreciate all of the fun and getting to know everyone. It was a BLAST! Hope to see you soon - I'm off to Houston at the end of the week for the International Quilt Festival and my first teaching gig!

  2. This looks like delicious fun! I've never been to any kind of an art camp or any art gathering. If I can swing it, I might try to come to the next one! What a blast!

  3. Oh my!!! I want more photos!!! Eye candy is an understatement! It all looks so inspiring and fun.

  4. I can't wait to go! Looks/sounds like SO much FUN, FUN, FUN! Don't you want to join us in June??

  5. What a feast for the eyes!