Out of Place...a Veggie Tale

Things are much more fun when they're out of place, juxtaposed, or otherwise a little shocking. When fruits & vegetables popped up as May's Sketchbook Challenge theme, I got happy! Such pretty shapes and colors always inspire me. But when is a carrot not a proper carrot? When it's bigger than a skyscraper. And when are peas not proper peas? When they're lovingly tied onto trees. 

Adding a touch of whimsy to your drawing is easy when you set your elements outside of their comfort zone. Pick a place you'll not likely see an edible plant and toss one in. Make it supersized if you dare! I'm giving you permission, unlike a certain highschool art teacher who insisted that a spider could not be the same size as the sun (you know who you are). Your cucumbers can rival the Empire State building and your mushrooms be the envy of Babe the Blue Ox. 

I've dedicated this year of the Sketchbook Challenge to digital sketching, and some days I just want to cry. But I'm not going to. Maybe a little bit of screaming and the occasional flung object, but no crying. I can do this. Imperfectly. That's the point of a challenge. I hope you're challenging yourself, your skills, your perceptions and most importantly, the size of your vegetables.


  1. Hello
    That is a cool idea, it absolutely helps me out. I enjoy your blog and your style of writing!

  2. Thanks for talking about the creative process. We all, too often, judge ourselves too harshly. I would love to see a huge cucumber in NYC!
    The Sketchbook Challenge Book is just what I need.