Studio Tour--Come On IN!

At long last--the first photos of my new studio art space courtesy of my adorable husband. This is a portion of our lower level den area. First we built a wall to separate this space for me and wired it with peeelenty of outlets. Then we picked out and hung these cabinets on top and bottom. Finally I got about a zillion watts of beautiful LIGHT! The studio of my dreams was born.

Did I mention my adorable husband? He takes my need to make art seriously and for that I am ever grateful.


  1. Very excellent. There is NOTHING like one's OWN space.

  2. So wonderful to have a space of your own to work in - and a supportive spouse. Congrats!

  3. Charlotte7/28/2005

    What's in the cabinets? Your finished art or more supplies?

  4. Pat Fox7/28/2005

    Congratulations on your own space! And it is so neat! Wish I could say the same about my studio.

    Pat (moonweaver on N'ness)

  5. Cabinets...lots and lots of supplies. If I opened them, you'd be privvy to my fetishes and then I'd have to kill you!