What's In a Name Giveaway

In case you missed it (and if you don't subscribe to Cloth Paper Scissors online Embellishments newsletter, you missed it), I did a brief interview about this thing we refer to as paper-cloth or cloth-paper. It's both, really, so what to call it? We discarded Maper (material-paper) and Ploth (paper cloth) as too clunky. I'd love to come up with a great term that describes it, so I'm eliciting suggestions here.

Because I need to celebrate so many things...Stitch Alchemy has been hovering around the #1 spot in quilting, sewing and papercrafts on Amazon; this is my 500th blog post and our awesome Mustang Bullitt just won a trophy (unrelated but I'm still celebratin'), I want to give something away if you'll post your naming ideas in the comments.

I'll pick a random name as the giveaway winner on August 15 and mail them a copy of the Quilting Arts Workshop: Stitch Imagery DVD. This is a one hour dvd that will show you how to turn a photo into fabric art. If you already have that, we'll work out a deal for something else! Because I can't for the life of me figure out how to request your email address in my comment box, consider following me on twitter. I'll announce the winner here and there.

The first suggestions come from Debra A: CLOTHINPAPER or MATERIAL MEDIUM or ALTERED PAPER. All very compelling. What ya got for me?


  1. mache (accented e) not entirely paper, but a process similar to paper mache.

  2. How about "Fusion material"?

  3. If you combine two different imgredients you will get something new like Cloth & Paper = Colabric, a combination fabric

  4. Paperic? Or more exotic..Papyric? (Papyrus+Fabric). Papterial?

  5. Fiber Too (Kind of like Fiber One).

  6. Anonymous7/29/2009

    Kelli... I have several in mind


    Any of those strike your fancy?

  7. FiberCloth
    I'm not very clever today but it gets me an entry:)

  8. Anonymous7/29/2009

    My idea is to call it:

    PaFab equals: Paper/Fabric


  9. Since it's comprised of multiple layers adhered together, what about plypaper?

    So excited for you & can't wait to get the book. And already near #1? Woot woot!

  10. Try these on for size - Kelliabric-yes, I am brown nosing ;-) or celluabric (cellulose + fabric) Can't wait to get your book in my hands! Cheers.

  11. How about something with a greek flair:

    papyrmus - papery + muslin

    Or something with a commonwealth Flair:

    caliper - calico + paper (Where Beryl comes from

    muslin is referred to as calico!)

  12. How about: fabricaper??!

  13. Oooo, I like "fabricaper"!

  14. Anonymous7/30/2009

    I really like Marilyn's plypaper - nice pun on flypaper too. How about something simple like quilting paper or sewable paper? Congrats on the book! -- Michelle

  15. How about "fusion fabric"?
    Although - I DO like JillB's "fabricaper"!!!

    Yea you - for your book!


  16. Anonymous7/31/2009

    I have some silly suggestions combining words...cloth & paper: cloper, ploth; woven paper: woper; fiber & paper: fiper, paber; but a whole new word (which nothing comes to mind quickily) is probably the best idea. I'll sleep on it. HollyS PS can't wait for your book!

  17. Anonymous7/31/2009

    another suggestion...capag for cloth and paper and glue or capgu for cloth and paper glued up. I like previous suggestions too...plypaper and quilting paper.

  18. How about some more technical names, Structured Paper or Woven Paper or Foundation Paper
    Peggy S.

  19. I love all the fun wordplay going on here! I really liked "fusion fabric".

    And I have one more idea to add: "fabpaper"

  20. MaggieN8/01/2009

    Just some thoughts about a new name -- because of the process used, I thought about using the term "Paperized Fabric" or "Paperized Muslin"

  21. What a lot of creativity! This is fun :) Paperized Plypaper, lol.

  22. Crunchy cloth? I'll think about it more today and see if I can come up with more suggestions. There are plenty of good ones already, I don't expect to come up with anything better but who knows?

    I love those Spoonflower dolls you created. Cute!!

  23. Anonymous8/08/2009

    How about Fabaper.
    Doreen K.

  24. Wow, I love so many of the above ideas, so I am going to vote for my favorite... "Quilting Paper" lets you know it can be sewable without question, easy on the eye,and I love the word "quilt" so I am sure that somewhere in the description the word "fabric" will appear, but I like the "sewable" and "quilt" words in the name...that says fabric to me! heritagehaus at yahoo dot com

  25. This is tricky... but personally I think it might be best to keep it simple and non-gimmicky... my vote is for "fabricpaper" or "paperfabric".

  26. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Oooh, difficult to come up with something new, but how about:-
    stitchpaper artfabric sewpaper papersew

  27. I just found this in time!

    How about PAPERTEX (paper and textile).

    I thought of using text (we are both librarians, after all) but then the associations would most likely be literary.

    I can hardly wait to get a copy of your book, Kelli.

  28. By the way, Kelli. You can't just give away a random prize, you have to send one of those wonderful videos of yours to the person whose term you chose!
    SO, you're going to have to cough up two (in my humble opinion).

  29. Anonymous8/14/2009

    Oh good grief, Carol, you always get the best ones! I vote for Papertex!
    Deb Sims

  30. My friend Susan calls it 'Pabric'. I think this works for its simplicity. I have to give her credit, but I want the prize if I am chosen! I can't wait for the book, Kelli! My friend Carol has work in it!!!! Donna