Fused Glass Pendants

Straight from kindergarten fused glass class--my first week's projects. We glued some glass bits on top of a sheet of clear bullseye 90 coe glass and then teacher fired it at 1400 degrees in the kiln. Everyone else kept theirs as a 2x2 square, but I cut mine into two pieces and then when I got home I soldered them into pendants.

Now we're allegedly making a night light. Some day I might graduate from gluing, but it won't be in this class.


  1. Anonymous9/28/2005

    Dear Kelli: Well,I'll be blogged, those are great. Maybe I would like to go to this class with you. Sell those at an art fair! Love, Mom

  2. These are very very pretty!

  3. I totally love these! I want to buy one from you. I have one made by someone at the Sat. Market here in Portland Oregon and people comment on it all the time, it's may favorite necklace. I would love to have more and yours is even prettier than the one I have.