Marbling with Shaving Cream

My little experiment in marbling using shaving cream--the lazy man's way. Not as refined as the traditional method, but fun. I'm using Ranger Posh Impressions Inks atop dollar store shaving cream (in cucumber melon scent). Smells yummy. My paper is vellum. It was difficult to work with at first because it rolls right up when exposed to wetness. But after the shaving cream was spatula'd off, I ironed it on both sides to return it to a flat state.


  1. Wicked cool! I am gonna do this...one of these days...

  2. Anonymous9/28/2005

    Wow, I love this. Here is a Xmas idea for you to make for me: a large one of these in hotpinks and sage with some what for above my couch!!!! Mom

  3. Anonymous9/28/2005

    That was supposed to say with some white in it - sage, hot pinks and white for above my sage couch!Hope this made more sense!! Mom

  4. SHAVING CREAM!!! What a fun idea! I look forward to traveling around your blog. A great place to spend time.