Playing with Alcohol INks--purples

I've uploaded a number of illustrations of alcohol ink backgrounds. All of these were done on glossy white card stock (kromecote), which is perfect for this medium. I begin by either coating the card in dye ink from an inkpad, or dripping alcohol ink all over it and wiping it around with felt to cover. Then I drop several big splats of the main color. I wait a moment for it to spread, then use the dabber (white felt squares on a handle) to begin pouncing it for a sponged effect. Then I drop splats of my second color in different areas (between the other ones), wait a moment and begin pouncing it also. A third color overlaps here and there, also sponged a bit with felt. Finally, a few drops of blending solution will add even another dimension--by lightening some of the colors already there. Dab that up with the felt and wait a moment for the whole thing to dry. You can turn it upside down on regular cardstock and make a print if it's quite wet. It won't affect the final result at all.

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  1. Wonderful stuff, Kelli. I love how vivid everything is.