Mini Vacation

Got away for a whole day last weekend up to the sand dunes at Silver Lake. First we took a leisurely dune buggy ride through a protected area on Lake Michigan, then we climbed the dunes in the state park and watched the crazy drivers with their souped up buggy machines come flying over the hill. I found this rusty thing by the lighthouse and hubby disillusioned me of my romantic notions of shipwrecks and fair maidens by telling me it was a recent car part. Bummer. Then I saw this beautiful tree shadowed in the sand. Right after I took the photo, a water bottle came tumbling to the base of the tree. A couple of tourists followed, but kept on going, leaving the bottle there.


  1. That just makes me mad! It amazes me what some people just don't care about. I LOVE the photo by the way. Everything you have made lately is so beautiful. The everyday art pieces are wonderful and crazy creative. That fact that you did one everyday is incredible. Good job sweetie! Love, Jamie

  2. Anonymous12/30/2007

    What a great photo of the tree on the dunes! I'm from Michigan, most recently from Kalkaska (and now New Mexico). I can very much identify with your photos (especially of the U.P.).

    Your work is amazing...your ideas are inspired! I'm just now getting started, lots of inspiration here in New Mexico.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your pieces!
    Liz Pinkerton