Thread Sketchbook

I took some of the sketches and put them in a pamphlet stitch book made of watercolor.


  1. This is such a pretty book. What a nice idea.

  2. I am dying to know a little more about how you created this. I am especially interested in learning how the heart was done. Please share!

  3. The sketch book is just watercolor paper. I sketched a quick image with a micron pen or technical pen, then collaged a little with torn text. After that I used watercolors and finally I stitched around the sketching with black thread. The heart on the "fleeting" piece was very easy. I took a piece of thin metal (it came from the scrapbook store) and cut a cross in it so I could roll back the corners to create a mini explosion. I rolled them back on a paintbrush handle. Then I used alcohol inks to stain them. I love alcohol inks! The old watch was nestled in there and glued. Does that help?