Impossible Dream

I'm working on a quilt project called "impossible dream." It looks pretty impossible. It still needs help finding a focal point and I'm mulling over the possible addition of some more fabric paper. Plus, I learned that machine felting will draw the fabric up quite a bit, leading to an uneven quilt edge. We SHALL overcome though. Yes we shall!


  1. March on, Kelli, keep up the good fight.

    Hey!I was so happy to see your little Crow friends in my new CPS. Congrats.

    The only part of the crow I have are the feet.

  2. Kelli,
    I loved your scrap crows. They fit in with a blackbird theme for an art event I headed. I made salt/flour "pies" - ugh! not edible! - and put them in the middle for a 4 and 20 blackbird theme.
    Someone said I should make the blackbirds for gifts and to sell. Another person said I would be invading your copyright idea. I don't know if I will sell them - I am working on other things, but are they copyrighted?

  3. Make crows, sell crows, celebrate crows. The more the merrier. Who can copyright happiness? Kelli

  4. I just found your Blogs and have to say I love them. Just the style I strive for!

  5. Whoa--I have a style? Hooray! I thought I was just floundering around in artspace like a one-legged congo-dancer. But maybe I just accidentally created a style! Kelli

  6. Wow, just found this blog.

    I have just got into altered art and collage, so many ideas and so much inspiration, thanks for all. Will be bookmarking for frequent future visits.