New Look

I thought it was time for a revamping--hope you like the new look!


  1. Love the new look. Love your creative energey. Love everything you are doing. Love you!
    Miss you too!

  2. Very you! It's perfect!

  3. Hi Kelli! Love the new look! I gave you and award and wrote some gushy stuff about you on my blog. I miss our Embellished Circus swapping days but am so inspired and amazed by your arty success.

  4. Kelli,

    I love your blog! I was thrilled to meet you in Chicago and I'm so happy you like your little charm I made for you:) You work is breathtaking! You inspired me to create a blog! May I add you to my links? Thank you again for sharing such wonderful work! Jennifer Morlock; Jenna Louise

  5. Hey Kel, would you care to share any how-to info on this piece? I'm thinking it's fabric but the colors are so vibrant I wonder if it's photoshopped, too. Can never get enough color!

  6. Hi Marilyn--
    Yes, I boosted the color in Microsoft Picture It for effect. It's a fabric strip quilt. Some of the numbers are printed on the fabric with my inkjet printer and some are sketched with thread.