Fabric Design with Spoonflower

When I first heard of Spoonflower, I was entranced. Who doesn't love the idea of designing their own fabric? With Spoonflower, you can upload a pattern of your own making and have it printed on fabric in swatches, fat quarters or yards. I've been playing around and it's a good excuse to actually learn to use GIMP software. I've had this program for a few years, but it still intimidates me.

I'm still waiting for my first fabrics to arrive. They are simple block repeats of artwork I've already done. This pattern, Big Spools and Small Spools, was made from a journal painting/collage with the intention of using it for fabric. I'm still stuck in a regimented pattern, but at least I've broken free from squares. I'm going to work on a more random, free floating pattern next. Unfortunately, when translating art to fabric, much of the subtlety is lost. So I have to think more in terms of graphic design. So much to learn!


  1. Loved you workshop on Stitch Imagery. I'm waiting for my Bubblejet 2000 to arrive so I can make something colorful. I have ACOCD - Arts & Crafts Obsessive Compulsive Doitall.

    I love the idea of Spoonflower and will be looking forward to a pic of your fabric.

  2. These will be very cool fabrics!

  3. Thanks! I didn't know about Spoonflower, but I'm going to check it out.