Spoonflower Dolls

Here's my latest Spoonflower test--I'm going to get these dolls printed out on quilting weight cotton, then I'll cut them out and stuff them individually. They are about 12" high. If my margins are right, I'll get about 21 dolls out of a yard of fabric. My current thought is to embroider each one before I stuff it--adding some fun stitching. Oh, I could also thread sketch them too. Maybe some beading?? My mind is bursting with anticipation! This process was the same as for the bumble bees. I drew the doll outlines with a Pitt pen, scanned them all into the same document, then colored them in using GIMP, the free graphics program. Can't wait for these to arrive! If they turn out, they may need to find homes on Etsy.


  1. Great idea! I ordered a swatch with one of my paintings printed on it. Can hardly wait to see it.

  2. Hi Kelli!
    Love the Spoonflowers! I wonder if you have been to my blog? http://quiltingarts.com/blogs/melanie_testas_blog/archive/2009/06/21/how-about-this-episode.aspx
    I also want to say, I made an initial stuffie but it didn't cut the mustard...

  3. That is an awesome idea!!!!! I can hardly wait to see one finished.