Just Sketchin'

I've been enjoying taking my sketchpad with me around town. I often find myself waiting....waiting for daughter to be released from school, waiting for the doctor, waiting for lunch...just waiting. So I have been sketching scenes out of magazines. You may recognize some of these from the magazines you read! I find that this is a good way to make the big picture two-dimensional. Let the photo do it for you. Begin by reproducing the basic outlines, then embellish and go off in directions of your own. I use a Pitt artists pen and prefer glossy, coated paper for pen and ink. I'm learning to be brave and just let the lines flow without penciling them in first. These are all just spontaneous drawings. I edit and correct by going over lines again with the pen. Have confidence in your lines, then clean up afterwards.


  1. Love your sketches!

    I've been sketching more too and I'm finally addicted to dealing with mistakes. It's freeing and actually invigorating to know that the goofs are there for good, but there's always a fix.

  2. Life never has to be put on hold if you have pens and a sketch book, and/or a sewing or crochet project tucked into a bag for easy portability! Oh, and a good read is a must. Did I mention a small camera as well?

    I make up designs, stitch, write a poem, take pics of whatever, read a chapter. Obviously, I need a small suitcase (airline carry-on with wheels and telescoping handle is optimal) for all this . . . but I can be blissful wherever I go!

    The sketches are lovely!

  3. these are really good.