Stitchpaper Squares Via Post

Denise at MMArtFriends on Yahoo swapped out these great stitchpaper squares and they are all fabulous. I will have to do something really fun with them after I finish embellishing them. Thanks everyone who participated--it's so cool to see all the different papers from various creative minds!


  1. What great papers - look forward to seeing what you do with them!

  2. It was delightful as well maddening to be the hostess of the swap! Fabulous fun to admire all the beautiful pieces and wildly difficult to part with them to send them on to their rightful new owners! Thank you, Kelli, for providing the inspiration for this flurry of activity!

  3. Oh they all look so wonderful! Cannot wait to see what you create with them. Love the crochet donuts too, they look good enough to eat. Thanks for the inspiration!