Getting Ready to Make It U

Today I've been putting together kits and dyeing some muslin for Make It University at the International Quilt Show in Rosemont, outside Chicago. Thought I'd take a quick snap to show you what I have in store. If you've never attended the IQF--try to make it some time. I go to the Chicago show for inspiration and great classes. I'll be taking a Pretty Purses class with Melanie Testa, then hanging out at the Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors booth doing virtual studios, two mini workshops and a book signing. If you want to make a poetry spool or a whimsical cartoon pin, come by the booth first thing (look for the giant sign that says Make It University--can't miss it!) and sign up for the class lottery. Lots of other great classes with Belinda Spiwak, Leilani Pierson and Pokey Bolton. NOT to be missed!


  1. KELLI!!!! I am going to be at Chicago Quilt teaching workshops and demoing in the CPS/Quilting Arts Book on preview night from 7 to 9... WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet.... let's make a date to connect!


  2. I am getting pretty excited! Only one more week. But I should probably calm down a bit since it's by lottery and I might not get to take ANY classes :-( I'm keeping my fingers crossed... Maybe you need a teaching assistant? I have a teaching degree, LOL.

    My daughter and I went to IQF last year on a Sunday afternoon and we just walked in on Belinda's class, no lottery. I'm spoiled and it was so much fun!

  3. I saw your poetry spools in the Cloth Paper Scissors newsletter a couple of weeks ago and just had to try some. I didn't have any real spools so bought some rather small ones. It was a little tricky working on such small spools, but it was so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions--I see many more of these in my future!

  4. Anonymous4/17/2010

    It would be so fun to create with you! I love your work and a pile of these spools is delicious!! Hope you have a fabulous time in Chicago. :)