Mixing Media

Here's the photo printed on fabric I was working on. I'm not afraid to mix all my media. At this point we've got an altered photo, printed, painted with textile paints, topped with silk organza, felted with wool and silk, thread sketched and painted again with acrylics and colored pencils. More to come. I'm thinking some hand embroidery would be just the thing.


  1. Is this the one that uses pics of your daughter? Trying to remember... I just love the bright colors you use!

  2. Anonymous5/06/2010

    Love it!

    what's the back fabric? did you do the lettering then place the sewin an painted faces on top?

  3. Yep--it's the one of my daughter I started painting...you can see it's gone in a more abstract direction. The nice thing about printing on fabric and painting is that you still have the original and can start over. The backing fabric I bought from Wendy Richardson--graffiti style print, and I did some painting on it.

  4. kind of Warhol-ish
    how large is this?
    I'd love to see some close-ups when you're done

  5. yup, hand stitching is CLEARLY the one thing it needs to be totally fabulous.