Down Time is Up Time

It's house renovation time in my world and so I will have some down time as my studio supplies are inaccessible. On the up side, new paint colors and flooring, so that's exciting. Out with the old and in with the new! You can see what I mean here. Not much chance of making art in this scenario! I've got some great organizational supplies on order and a custom built wall is in my future, however. Meanwhile, we're painting walls and cupboards with an aqua/seafoam, chocolate and gray silk theme with a limelicious kicker. Looks yummy! Happy creative Fall to all of you!


  1. oh my! I can, however see some new colors of highlights in your hair. have you done aqua or lime before?

  2. I often post about how messy my work space is and people always say how great it looks...seeing your supplies makes me understand a little better now because you stuff just looks so welcoming : )

    Good luck with your renovation.