New Studio Book Sale--it's Bookalicious

So I struggle with my book collecting. Everyone has something they deal with. I had to make some hard decisions as I move forward on a new studio, but I'm at peace. I've placed 70 books up for sale on eBay and hope to find them new homes. I love each of these books--I wouldn't have them if I didn't adore them! It's just time for a good purge--art supplies will be listed next. As soon as I can sift through the pile. Come on over to my eBay (soapcakes) and catch a bargain if you've got room on your shelves. Orphan books seek foster parents. I won't make you fill out an application, but I can see into your soul. Yes I can.


  1. WOW I am impressed!! A Librarian giving up her bleoved books!!! You are so disciplined! I however am not going to be so good- iam off to your E-bay page as I can't resist art books at a bargain!!! of COurse this is what youa re counting on! those of us who go weak at the knees at the mere hint of a BOOOK SAle!!! Happy Purging!!!!

  2. HAha! I got mine! Yeah!

  3. Honestly...I'm not *trying* to make you bad. You're just born that way! Lol