Funky Fabric Box Tutorial from Janeville

Check out this awesome tutorial by Jane LaFazio of Janeville. This is as simple as it gets. ANYONE can whip up one of these funky boxes and make them their own. She does a great job of laying out the steps. If you have eyeballs, you can learn how to make your own scrappy little box from whatever materials you have around the house. Thanks for sharing Jane!


  1. Requested an ILL for your book, Stitch Alchemy, received it today, and am in HEAVEN!!! And you are a librarian!!! Me too ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your art, your enthusiasm and your special techniques. The book is written in the most encouraging way and I love it!

  2. I just discover your blog Kelli and i don't find words to express my admiration!I love everything
    you create, your colors are sublime!!!!I had a
    wonderful time browsing among your blogs, your
    art is a blessing Kelli!!!!!!!

  3. Someone's blushing...it might be me! What a wonderful world it is when I am honored by being your inspiration. Thank you for filling the world with art. Kelli