Can't Resist This! Challenge

For some reason, April's "branching out" theme for Sketchbook Challenge was more of a challenge than I could handle. Branching out seems so messy, so chaotic that I couldn't seem to come up with a good illustration. Some of you had no trouble at all--kudos! This month's theme is CAN'T RESIST THIS and I'm bubbling with ideas. Someone is going to win this delightful set of pens....yum. Who can resist that? Happy May...now get sketching before I come over there. Sue Bleiweiss has posted a fab tutorial on soy wax resist. Now you have no excuse.


  1. Yes, Ma'am! LOL! Although, you coming over would be fun. Have a great weekend, Kelli.

  2. I have to agree with you about branching out- trees and roots permeated my brain and I could not "reach" beyond that concept!!!
    I have just learned soy wax resist on fabric and I am off to do some Gesso resist on some collage work!!!
    Love your new hair!! I do so wish I were that brave!! Bravo Girl!!!!!

  3. I've been crying out (to whoever would listen)that I need professional tools...This would be a great start!Thx for the opportunity