Sketchbook Challenge : RUIN DECAY HOORAY!

Exciting news if you like rusty and ruined things as much as I do! The Sketchbook Challenge theme for December is Trash, Ruined and Decay. Two things are gonna happen: 1. I'm going to be sorting through my photos for FUN old creepy stuff to draw and alter and 2. I'm going to be on the prowl for some great trash to work with. Here are some pictures in my files that I think I'd enjoy working with for this challenge. Some of them have already shown up in my work, as reconsidered alterations of the subject. 

Be sure to create a sketchbook page on this theme, to enter for December's prize pack. Winners are randomly chosen from the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr site, so anyone who uploads an image on the theme will be entered. There are LOTS of great goodies in the free giveaway, including this:

So check it out on the link above and happy ruination in December! 


  1. Love this idea! Great photos!

  2. you're ready! great photos. love the stove, especially

  3. Love what I am seeing in all these photos Kelli.