Torch Fired Enamel Vampire Clouds

 For my first at home torch-fired enamel project, I designed some earrings for my daughter, who loves cutesy things like happy clouds and dead things like vampires, so this combines both to create a whimsical new creature: the vampire cloud. 
First step, draw a design on paper and cut it out, then trace it onto 24 gauge copper sheet with marker. Cut out the shapes and file smooth. The internal shape of the mouth was cut with a jewelers saw inserted into a hole I punched in the middle and the eyes are simply different sizes of hole punches.
After cutting out the shapes, I dapped them a bit to make them more cloudy.
 I cleaned them well, then brushed on Klyr Fire enamel holding agent and sprinkled on white enamel. This little guy got fired on the back side for counter enamel. Then I flipped and repeated, enameling the front and back of the clouds, then just the front of the raindrops.
The raindrops are attached with long twisted copper wire and handmade sterling ear wires complete the project, then they're off to their new home!

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