Everyday ART!

What's it like to make art every single day? I found out for a month when I participated in the Every Day Art Project on Raw Art. For 31 days I created a new piece of art. I pushed myself to areas of discomfort and worked through them. Not everything created is great and my usual course is abandonment of the defective. But in everyday art I had to keep on working on a piece until I was satisfied--which often meant changing my expectations or being satisfied with less. This caused a clash with my perfectionistic personality but that is very very likely a GOOD thing! Each 6"x6" square of watercolor paper was created by drawing an image with pen. Most were based on photos. Then they were painted with watercolors, collaged with text and then stitched with black thread on the sewing machine. Every day art looks a lot like this!


  1. Wow a wonderful collection of art. They look so vibrant all jumbled up together. Sounds like you had to put in a lot of hard work but the results sure seem worth it!