WIP Skinny Bird Book

I'm working on a collaborative skinny book with Amy on the subject of BIRDS. Yum! The backgrounds are watercolor paper topped with book text from a poetry book. I sprayed it with Ranger Color Wash (my favorite art supply) then stamped with white acrylic. The small pieces will go on top. They are hand dyed fabric and little cut outs of eggs. At this point I've made a lot more progress with some hand stitching, but this is all I'm showing right now!


  1. Beautiful. What great COLOR!

  2. Looks great so far! Love the colors!

  3. woot! spotty eggs! =)
    btw, i just happened on your article in the newest cloth paper scissors. it was hilarious because i was going through and i went... wait a minute. i saw this on a blog recently. then i read the name. heh.
    that's a neat magazine. i had never seen it before. i am thinking of submitting something.