Make It U Mica Tags

Here's the tag book we'll make at Quilt Fest Chicago and Make It U. The fun part is the mica tag. I'm going to be doing more with those. It's a real simple packing tape transfer glued on mica chips then stained with...what else? Alcohol inks. The shipping tags are briefly soaked in Procion MX fabric dye (I keep it in my fridge next to the eggs), then ironed. We just glue on some strips of fun fabric and tie the whole thing together. Voila! I'll have some other colors and images to choose from at my class.


  1. Anonymous3/16/2008

    Cute little devils, wish I was going to Chicago!

  2. Anonymous3/20/2008

    It's lovely. I don't think we have mica chips in the UK - I've never seen them.

  3. I love so many things in your blog, this is fab, i've never quite got the hang of image transfers though, yours are great!!

  4. Anonymous3/30/2011

    Do you use premixed dye or mix it yourself?

  5. I mix the procion dyes myself and they keep for a very long while.