Sweet Tooth

Gee, I wonder if I have a sweet tooth! As my sister always says "you're sweet and I'm savory." I have never drawn a bag of potato chips, but it could happen.


  1. Anonymous3/04/2008

    Kelli! I have been meaning to check out your blog ever since I was the beneficiary (ie. buyer) of a few of your items during your ebay studio clean out... I am blown away by your blog site. You are an inspiration as I start on a path toward a new business (non-profit) that encourages all to create art from discarded items and ephemera.

    Best Regards, Nancy from ebay (fyi, I changed my ebay name to MultiTaskingMamma as I hadn't intended to have my whole name out there ~ such a newbie, and at my age.)

    p.s. I'm making a mental note to spend more time on your blog and to specifically check out that ink that works on glass/silver. Those doll bottles are a HOOT!

  2. Alcohol Inks--wish I could buy them by the gallon! But a little goes a long way. I love the Ranger Adirondack brand because the colors are luscious. You can also use glass paint on metal or utensils. I recommend glazing them with gloss medium or varnish. Good luck with your business. Sounds like a GREAT idea! Kelli

  3. Anonymous3/26/2008

    Kelli, I saw your blog in the cloth.paper.scissors studios. OMG first on all I love your purple hair. Your junk jar dolls are a great idea. I have seen so many ways in the cps mag. I am going to redo my art studio/craft room. I have jars of old doll heads, arm, legs, I got on ebay a while back. My granddaughter Lexi love the dolls to. I am going to make some too. I wish they took more pictures of your studio? thanks for the ideas. Abbie Mainwaring p.s. please email me if you ever have time? sunlovernwindsor@aol.com