Lisa Engelbrecht

I had the privilege of taking a class with Lisa Engelbrecht, calligrapher and fabric artist extraordinaire. She's the lovely one in the blue dress. I was enchanted by her graceful artistry and her gentle manner of teaching. She has incredible knowledge of lettering and a great eye for design. Look for her book Modern Mark Making to be out later this year.


  1. Kelli,
    Hi there, ohhhhh the picture from class looks great! (I am the one in the purple fairy shirt :0) I wanted to say it was really a pleasure to meet you and I adored your finished pillows, your clothes, your pin, your artsy self! :0) Lisa was terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed that class!
    Glad to have seen you and I look forward to the SHOW YOU TAPED! Congrats again! Hugs,Patti

  2. Were you also the one who helped me clean up the yellow ink I spilled ALL over the carpet (and the wall)? Lisa was fab and I had a great time. Next time let's do a full week so we can get to know each other! Kelli

  3. Anonymous4/16/2008

    Kelli... Oh my goodness. I have checked out your blog and WOW.... Alot of reading for me to catch up on. I saw you briefly in a flash on Sunday and wanted to say hello. I've subscribed to your blog. Thanks for sharing