Pretty Purses

I played with some dyed fabric and made a little journal purse. I think that it's too floppy for me, so I'm going to make some more but use fast2fuse as a stabilizer so that things don't escape from me when I dip my hand inside the purse. A friend suggested rolling the top down to make a cuff. Next version will incorporate both ideas. I'm thinking about a series of purses with painted images and journaling (using a blow pen and fabric paint). That should be fun! I really enjoy making purses and dolls more than quilts because you can TOUCH them! That is my frustration with wall/art quilts. I have touchy fingers. A purse is really a small work of art you carry with you everywhere.


  1. Love the colors! I will have to try that.

  2. You did a great job! So colorful. And yes, those small pieces of art that you can touch are wonderful!