Self Portrait Dolls

Now that Cate Prato's book is finally out, I can reveal some of the artwork I did for it. These self-portrait dolls represent three aspects of my "self"--the Mother figure, the Librarian figure and the Artist. On the back of each doll I journaled a little about that role. It was a great experience to think about who I am and what it means to the people around me. I made little wooden stands for these out of dowel rods. There is a long pocket sewn on the back and the dowel goes into it.


  1. Way cool. Loved those in the book, too!

  2. They made me smile :) Cool dolls!

  3. Wouldn't these make for a faboo class! Ahem. Love the 3 faces of Kelli aspect.

  4. Kelli, So glad I found your blog again. I found one of my crows (your scrap crows) I made in 2007 and I had to look you up. You have been doing excellent things. Whoo hoo! Now I want to make some of those dolls. Love the sequin in the nostril. (must be the art Kelli) And the purse is extraordinary. I'd love to make one of those too. Oh, so much fun to have and so little time. But I'll give it a shot. Thanks for being so creative and sharing. - jeanne

  5. Hi Kelli

    I just want to say thank you for parcel. It arrived this week and i love it. I can not wait to get into it properly this weekend.

    :-) Thanks so much

  6. Oh, I love these...you are such an inspiration!

  7. Those are just too cute! Love the one with glasses.
    Congrats on being in the book too! Way to go!

  8. ...hi Kelli, I apologize for this method of reaching you...I cannot find your email anywhere and I have a question about your spoon books...can you send me your email address?
    by the way, I love the purse idea!

  9. I saw these in the book and thought they were gorgeous.
    Merry Christmas!