Our EMT Girl

Things were pretty exciting around here last week when my 18 year old became a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)! She was nail-biting over the nationals. We helped her study and it was an impressive amount of information from every working system in the body to drug interractions, plus legal issues and just generally what to do in every emergency situation you've heard of and tons you never imagined. She's off to paramedic school next month. We are very proud of her!


  1. Yeah! I graduated from paramedic school - OMG - 31 years ago! Then on to nursing school and the best job I had as an RN was a flight nurse - so cool to flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Anonymous8/10/2009

    Way to go! I retired as a paramedic from a large metropolitan fire/EMS dept and went on to teach as a full-time assistant professor in a college paramedic program. Lesson learned from watching my students: take Anatomy & Physiology first, and as a lone class. It's challenging, but can be successfully completed when given appropriate attention. Congrats! And, be safe.

  3. Anonymous9/01/2009

    YAY! Congratulations! Yay! I am very happy for you.

  4. cool well done her!