Peace, Bake, Sew Stuffies

I finished my personal stuffies printed at Spoonflower. Each was cut out, embroidered, beaded and stuffed. We have Peace Kitty (holding a birdie) and Peace Birdie (holding a kitty); Bake Birdie and Bake Kitty holding cupcakes; and Sew Birdie and Sew Kitty holding enormous spools of thread. I love doll forms but like for them to stand up, so I ended up making my own stands as I have done in the past. These were super simple. I created a small pocket on the back of the doll and stitched it on. The stands are simple shapes from the wood aisle at Hobby Lobby...a round beveled base, some wooden spools and dowels that fit into the spools. The spools are glued to the base and the dowels cut to 6" and inserted into the spools with glue. I used E6000 because I don't like to clamp and wait for regular wood glue. For a couple of bucks you can have personalized doll stands easy as pie. Paint them any color you'd like!


  1. These are so fun! And what a great stand idea. Congrats on your EMT!

  2. They are wonderful Kelli! Your choice of colors is so energizing. Love the tiny skulls on Cupcake :) All the best to you xo

  3. Anonymous8/07/2009

    soooooooo clever and simple. you are so creative...still waiting for your book to arrive from Amazon. thanks for sharing all your great ideas on your blog. HollyS

  4. Anonymous9/01/2009

    Such a fun idea. I love it! They are so wonderful!