Paper Cloth Names and Winner

Wow--what a lot of fabulous ideas! I love many of them and others make me laugh with prior associations. Some of them I can't pronounce! Here's the final list: clothinpaper, material medium, altered paper, mache, fusion material, colabric, paperic, papyric, papterial, fiber too, papclo, clopap, clotper, fiber-cloth, faber, faper, pafab, plypaper, kelliabric, celluabric, papyrmus, fabaper, sewpaper, papersew, artfabric, stitchpaper, papertex, fabricpaper, paperfabric, caliper, fabricaper, quilting paper, sewable paper, fusion fabric, othpa, re-cloth, cloper, woper, fiper, paber, capag, capgu, woven paper, structural paper, foundation paper, fabpaper, paperized fabric, paperized plypaper. Whew! I'm leaning HEAVILY towards stitchpaper for probably obvious reasons. I love the word stitch. But I also like fusion material, material medium, quilting and sewable paper and I love paperized fabric. I'm gonna still mull it over for a bit, but the winner of the DVD is vintage rock chick Gill! She has an awesome blog so check it out (see her link in the comments).

I've been working on some paper-cloth projects like this journal purse and enjoying the summer!


  1. Oh I'm so excited! Thank you so much, can't wait to see the DVD - your work is so vibrant and colourful and I'm just hoping some of your creativity rubs off on me. Thank you again xxx

  2. I just found your blog (I am new to blogging!), I love this journal purse! It is so bright and colorful. So fun! Your work is inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  3. someone on one of my beading groups was talking about making fabpaper boxes and has everyone in our group all excited about trying a new craft, and being able to encorperate our bead work into it as well, I googled fabpaper and found your blog, your book Paper Alchemy is on my list of "things I need" now......like I really needed to add to it! any way I love your blog and all the cool quirky things you make!